About Us

The Gitanne Mission

Gitanne Skincare provides luxury French botanical beauty made locally in Sonoma County, California. Our mission is to provide eco-conscious skincare for the eco-chic woman. Unmask your inner radiance with Gitanne Skincare! Eco chic c’est chic!


La Femme Gitanne: The Gitanne Woman

Gitanne means free-spirited woman, from the French, gitane, a gypsy woman. La Femme Gitanne is the bohemian woman who is connected with her inner beauty and the natural world. She freely explores the world and all of its wonders. She is inwardly distinguished, refined, sophisticated, artistic, and elegant. She treasures her beauty and her self-expression, all in alignment with nature. 

L’Art de la Beauté Eternelle—The Art of Eternal Beauty—our mantra, means nurturing and radiating your inner glow into the world. Gitanne Skincare answers a woman’s need to embody a deep desire for beauty in harmony with nature and herself and encourages her to express herself fully. 

Step fully into your elevated self, inner queen, and inner elegance with our luxury French botanical skincare.

Luxury Beauty Fused with Eco-Awareness

At Gitanne Skincare, we also care deeply about the wellbeing and conservation of our environment. Our core values are ecology, sustainability, and fair-trade practices. We believe in cruelty-free practices and strive to create and deliver a high-performance line of luxury botanical skincare, formulated with the purest ingredients found in nature, the finest plant essences and extracts that are certified organic, vegan and sustainable.        
Our products are made fresh in micro-batches locally in Sonoma County, California. We are very proud to present our new line featured in elegant glass bottles and jars from Italy, equipped with anti-bacterial pumps.                
More than skincare, we invite you to a sophisticated experience of self-care by loving yourself, embracing your body image and enjoying your true beauty.
We offer a complete line of skincare products for all skin types, especially beneficial for sensitive skin types, with pure and clean ingredients that are: