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 Where Eco Meets Chic  



Created by a Parisian botanist and made in micro batches in California, Gitanne Skincare provides a natural, clean, eco-chic alternative to luxury skincare.

Developed with the French concept of “effortless beauty” in mind, Gitanne's  complete line of small-batch, botanical skincare formulations are made from ethically sourced, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients that keep skin fresh, glowing, plump, and pristine no matter your skin type.

At Gitanne Skincare, our mission is to provide women and men everywhere with luxurious and sophisticated self-care that does more than love your skin but truly embraces the natural, inner beauty that exists in each and every one of us!


  • Clean, eco-friendly, fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients.
  • Sustainable packaging and luxurious Italian glass bottles. A touch of elegance while being eco-conscious. 
  • Formulated with proven ingredients, carefully selected to help anti-aging, youth enhancing, skin sensitivity, replenishing, moisturizing, nourishing, firming, plumping and more.
  • Manufactured in micro batches, utilizing only pure botanical ingredients to ensure optimum freshness and top quality.
  • Designed with hypo-sensitive skin types in mind with ingredients known for their gentleness and effectiveness.

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