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Meet Kate-Alexandra Lévine, Founder of Gitanne Skincare

 “Bonjour! I grew up in Paris, and a French cosmopolitan family that includes artists, intellectuals and my botanist grandmother who initiated me from an early age to “Les Sciences de la Nature“. As I got older, I began to study phytotherapy, ecology, botany and their therapeutic virtues as well as the intriguing art of formulating skincare and herbal medicine.”

- Kate-Alexandra Lévine 

 Gitanne Skincare embodies Kate's life and her free spirited journey, traveling across the globe, seeking ways to explore her creativity and love for natural beauty. Now living in Sonoma County, California, Kate has created Gitanne all-natural skincare from her commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious living.

With Gitanne Skincare, Kate infuses her roots in French elegance and Parisian style with her passion and sustainability, organic and ethical practices in beauty.


Your secret to youthful, glowing skin!