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Gitanne Skincare in the Media



Having a powerful impact on our community is what we strive for, here's some lovely reviews from people also looking to make a change and have been singing our name from the roof tops since they have tried our products.

Huge thank you, for supporting Gitanne Skincare and sharing our passion of eco-beauty with your followers! "Gitanne Skincare: Eco-Conscious for the Eco-Chic Woman"

"An experienced certified herbalist-aromatherapist who spent the past twenty years studying and healing with natural remedies and holistic counseling, Kate-Alexandra Levine created her eco-conscious Gitanne skincare line to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. The French-born entrepreneur now lives and works in Sonoma, California, where nature’s beauty and bounty serve as her muses."

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"This holiday season, embrace the inner gypsy in you and invest in Gitanne. Not only will these products revive your skin so that it is feeling it's youthful nature, they will add a bit of elegance and charm into your daily routine. It's so easy to rush out the door, not taking the time to connect with our inner self, causing imbalance in the world.

The act of a simple skincare routine will help each individual feel at peace. Using the Clarté Coco Milk Cleanser just for a few days already makes my skin feel vibrant and youthful. As we head into the cooler months, I definitely have a tendency to have dry facial skin. This Milk Cleanser aims to rebalance skin's PH Levels and bacterial balance to give a youthful glow. I love the way my skin feels, especially paired with one of Gitanne's great moisturizers."

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“This hydrating day cream is thick and luxurious, it makes your skin feel so soft and smooth.  It has a lovely light scent but is not overwhelming. It would make a great Christmas gift for any woman in your life or it would also be a great gift for yourself.  It comes beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift.” 

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“My favorite is the La Vie en Rose Collection, which is a gentle, nourishing collection of rose infused products.  It is perfect for vibrant, glowing skin, and leaves you smelling fantastic!  This powerful routine will give you a hydrated and toned complexion.  It includes the Elixir Blueberry Seed Exfoliant, Cascade Hydrating Mist, Belle de Jour Day Cream, and Rose Face Serum.  With this simple routine, you can discover youthful skin and eternal beauty.”

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