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- Kate's Grandmother, Mentor 



From Our Clients

See What Our Fans Have to Say About Gitanne Luxury Skincare:


"I tried the exfoliating scrub. Love it also the oil. Love the smell."
- Laura, from Garberville, CA
"Bonjour! I am obsessed with my cream. Thank you so much. I will absolutely give it a share. Thank you."
- Becca 
"Thank you so much! Yes, the aquamarine is lovely! And the smell of the spritzer/toner is divine! Truly luxury products. Beautiful package.. Thank you for the pink eye cream as well."
- Nell 
"I loved to love up your eye cream. I’ll have my wife do the same but will put it on the serum just spread it out a little bit! We really did notice a difference. No lie your eye cream is spectacular."
- AJ
"Seriously all your products cleanser, serum and love the eye serum. Got my sister to start using your products also and she’s loving them all!"
- Emily 
"Your products are absolutely gorgeous and incredible! My skin has never felt or looked better! It’s really special and it WORKS! My skin feels AMAZING! Anyway, thanks for putting beauty into the world and for being such an awesome babe!"
- Natalie
"Love the Luminuex eye serum! The botanical smell is awesome. The gel is light and refreshing, I can feel it working instantly. It came really fast, I love the pink bag it came in as well as a really cute welcome card. Definitely trying more of the Gitanne Skincare products and suggesting them to all my friends."
- Jeanine, from Twin Falls, ID
“As someone who is constantly working or student teaching, I live a very busy life. My skin sometimes takes the unfortunate back burner. Since using the Rose du Matin lotion, I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my face plumpness and overall soft, full feeling. I know what I’ll be getting my friends and family for Christmas!” 

- Molly, from Santa Rosa, CA


"I love using Lumineux on my eyes and temples, before or after a dry day. Most of the times I apply it to my eyelids and even on some areas of my face. It gives me the ultimate refreshing boost when applied alone, and works wonders after cleansing my face with Coconut Clarté. I love the subtle scent and purple hue of this eye serum. I recommend it to all!"

- Marie, from France


"Gitanne products has saved my skin! Prior to using Gitanne skincare, my complexion was constantly breaking out and showing signs of aging. I can honestly say that since using Gitanne skincare products my complexion has evened out, and signs of aging and acne have improved. I adore that every single ingredient is carefully selected and organic. My skin feels so healthy and soft and I am not afraid of the mirror anymore, I’m actually excited to see all of the positive changes that have come from using these products." 

— Katie, from Santa Rosa, CA
"I love my beauty ritual with Gitanne Skincare. After showering, I invigorate my skin with a cleanser. Depending on my mood, I use Aurore Rose or Coconut, my favorites. I then apply Belle de Jour, day cream, and if my eyes look puffy and tired Lumineux eye serum does magic. They make me feel beautiful and empowered." 
—Jane, from Sonoma, CA
"Gitanne skincare product line presentation is awesome. They have such a great variety that comes in soft colors in elegant glass bottles. The anti-bacterial pumps speaks a lot about the health and cleanliness of the organic ingredients Gitanne uses. My Complexion is AMAZING!!! "
—Victoria, from Seattle, WA


"I have never used a pressed serum before and honestly I was intimidated, but all my worries disappeared upon first application! The Aquamarine serum is super lightweight and applies wonderfully like a normal face cream but feels almost invisible on your skin. I am obsessed with the intense yet lightweight hydration it gives my skin and really like that my skin looks plump! I even feel like my acne scars don't look so predominantly "noticeable" when I apply this serum. I absolutely love this product and now I am kinda worried that I want to try everything they have to offer! I guess I better prepare my wallet 😂 but in all seriousness, do give this beautiful brand a follow, you won't regret it!"

- Maria



"My wife and I have been using this I cream for two months. We noticed a difference immediately. Our skin was brighter tighter and younger within a week of daily use. I have followed the evolution of the skin Care line for years and this is her crowning achievement. This is beyond comparable to the $300 cream’s from Nordstrom or the plastic surgeons office ! this line is 100% organic and made from the finest ingredients formulated for top notch lift. The ingredients integrity speak for themselves. With environmental sourcing paired with her accurate understanding of hi end botanical treatments. This luxurious product is perfect for particular*sensitive skin clients . There is an exclusive regenerative quality to this line of skincare that also translates Quality for this mother earth as well. My skin has never looked better without any ”cosmetic side effects” found in most products and treatments. This stuff is like natures Botox."

-Mr.& Mrs. Caetano


"Clarte Coco Cleanser foes on line silk and feels like the face wash version of a sating pillowcase. My skin feels more hydrated, softened and plumped after each use, a challenging feat in the winter when cold temps tend to dry out and damage our faces. Probably my favorite aspect of this cleanser is that it doubles as a fabulous face mask, gentle enough for daily use!"

- Violet


"I use this cleanser tor remove my makeup at the end of the day and it smooths  my skin so beautifully, making it the perfect base to apply my favorite Gitanne products. It goes on very gently and is so soothing while removing makeup and somehow completely eliminating all rough patches and flakiness, especially so when used in combination with other Gitanne products, which are truly transforming and beautiful. I can't say enough good things about the Gitanne brand. Such a skin game changer!"

- Allison, from Australia 
"I love the nourishing day cream (Rose du Matin). It smells lovely and my skin feels wonderful... hydrated and smooth.  I am getting compliments on my glowing complexion all the time."
—Anna, from Los Angeles, CA 
"I came across these products through a friend. She showed me the Jade toner and I was taken by the unique scent of tuberose. What a beautiful and compact line too! Since then I discovered the Dore toner, which I love, and the Belle de Nuit night cream ended up helping both my own sensitive skin and my husband's reactive skin. It is extremely soothing and balancing for us! In the world of better-for-your-health beauty products, Gitanne Organic Skincare is a true Gem." 
—Joëlle, from Healsburg, CA
"I have always struggled with my skin. As a midwife, I’m hard on my body. Long sleepless nights and eating on the go, lead to stress break outs and age lines. Gitanne skin care line is the only  skin care line that I have found amazing results with. Aurore, the rose hibiscus gel cleanser combined with Belle de Jour, hydrating day cream keeps my skin supple and young, and free of blemishes. While by night, Clarté, coconut gel cleanser leaves my skin hydrated and fresh and Éternelle, the turmeric & sea buckthorn face serum combined with Belle de Nuit, replenishing night cream reverses the signs of age and strain like magic. Gitane skin care is my self care regimen that not only keeps me looking and feeling my best, but also takes great care of the environment." 
—Serena, from Santa Cruz, CA
"I love all of the products but I think my particular favorites are the serums and Belle de Nuit Replenishing Night Crème. My face is in love with them! The feel is luxurious and I like knowing that these are natural products that do not use animal testing. Kate, you are great at creating new products. I particularly liked the travel set which I used while I traveled in Paris and Barcelona this past summer. I bought these kits for my office as holiday presents. The feedback I got was great. The products are very versatile and work well for old, young and in between skin. I highly recommend all of your products."
—Elissa, from Sonoma County, CA


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