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Gitanne products has saved my skin! Prior to using Gitanne skincare, my complexion was constantly breaking out and showing signs of aging. I can honestly say that since using Gitanne skincare products my complexion has evened out, and signs of aging and acne have improved. I adore that every single ingredient is carefully selected and organic. My skin feels so healthy and soft and I am not afraid of the mirror anymore, I’m actually excited to see all of the positive changes that have come from using these products. 

— Katie from Santa Rosa, CA


I love my beauty ritual with Gitanne Skincare. After showering, I invigorate my skin with a cleanser. Depending on my mood, I use Aurore Rose or Coconut, my favorites. I then apply Belle de Jour, day cream, and if my eyes look puffy and tired Lumineux eye serum does magic. They make me feel beautiful and empowered. 

—Jane from Sonoma, CA


Gitanne skincare product line presentation is awesome. They have such a great variety that comes in soft colors in elegant glass bottles. The anti-bacterial pumps speaks a lot about the health and cleanliness of the organic ingredients Gitanne uses. My Complexion is AMAZING!!! 

—Victoria from Seattle, WA


I love the nourishing day cream (Rose du Matin). It smells lovely and my skin feels wonderful... hydrated and smooth.  I am getting compliments on my glowing complexion all the time.

—Anna from Los Angeles, Ca 


I came across these products through a friend. She showed me the Jade toner and I was taken by the unique scent of tuberose. What a beautiful and compact line too! Since then I discovered the Dore toner, which I love, and the Belle de Nuit night cream ended up helping both my own sensitive skin and my husband's reactive skin. It is extremely soothing and balancing for us! In the world of better-for-your-health beauty products, Gitanne Organic Skincare is a true Gem. 

—Joëlle from Healsburg, Ca.

I have always struggled with my skin. As a midwife, I’m hard on my body. Long sleepless nights and eating on the go, lead to stress break outs and age lines. Gitanne skin care line is the only  skin care line that I have found amazing results with. Aurore, the rose hibiscus gel cleanser combined with Belle de Jour, hydrating day cream keeps my skin supple and young, and free of blemishes. While by night, Clarté, coconut gel cleanser leaves my skin hydrated and fresh and Éternelle, the turmeric & sea buckthorn face serum combined with Belle de Nuit, replenishing night cream reverses the signs of age and strain like magic. Gitane skin care is my self care regimen that not only keeps me looking and feeling my best, but also takes great care of the environment. 

—Serena from Santa Cruz, Ca

I love all of the products but I think my particular favorites are the serums and Belle de Nuit Replenishing Night Crème. My face is in love with them! The feel is luxurious and I like knowing that these are natural products that do not use animal testing. Kate, you are great at creating new products. I particularly liked the travel set which I used while I traveled in Paris and Barcelona this past summer. I bought these kits for my office as holiday presents. The feedback I got was great. The products are very versatile and work well for old, young and in between skin. I highly recommend all of your products.

Elissa from Sonoma County, Ca

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"An experienced certified herbalist-aromatherapist who spent the past twenty years studying and healing with natural remedies and holistic counseling, Kate-Alexandra Levine created her eco-conscious Gitanne skincare line to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. The French-born entrepreneur now lives and works in Sonoma, California, where nature’s beauty and bounty serve as her muses."

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