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Divine Vitamin C Pressed Face Serum

Divine Vitamin C Pressed Face Serum

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Divine Vitamin C Pressed Face Serum 

Our hybrid Diving Vitamin C Pressed Face Serum combines the silky, smooth, and lightweight hydration of a serum along with the fast absorbing, elasticity and plumpness of a nourishing facial moisturizer.  This sweet scented “golden nectar” is designed to reverse aging, skin discoloration and scars by reviving skin cells while promoting a more bright and even skin tone.  

Our 2 in 1 pressed face serum contains the following skin nourishing ingredients:

  • Skin Brightening Vitamin C - A powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells from free radicals caused by UV exposure, lightens hyperpigmentation and brown spots, evens out skin tone, and enhances skin radiance.
  • Hydrating Hemp Butter - Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, this miracle moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it hydrated but without a greasy feel and is known to naturally help combat the signs of aging and repair damage to the skin.
  • Exotic Fruit Seed Oils - Delivers intense moisture and nourishment to the skin, giving it a vibrant and healthy glow.

Daily use of our pressed serum provides the following skin healthy benefits:

  • Youthful and vibrant glow
  • Improved skin tone and elasticity
  • Healthy and nourished skin
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation and brown spots

Directions for Use:  Apply a small amount onto a clean face and neck in upwards strokes, focusing under the eyes, forehead and any area that needs extra hydration & plumping action. For external use only.

What’s Inside:  Deionized Water, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Hemp Butter*, Olivem 1000, Vegetable Glycerin*, Aloe Vera Juice*, Pomegranate Oil*, Prickly Pear Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Dragon Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Kiwi Extract, Passion Fruit Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, Xanthan Gum, Geogard

* = Indicates Certified Organic Ingredients


(0.5 oz/ 15 ml) 


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