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Eternelle Face Serum

Eternelle Face Serum

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Eternelle Beauty Face Serum

Formulated for all skin types, this high-performance botanical elixir will repair, regenerate and replenish skin cells, revealing soft, dewy and supple skin.  Formulated for mature skin types, our highly moisturizing, anti-aging, deep renewal serum contains the following skin healthy ingredients:

  • Moisturizing Coconut Oil - A powerful moisturizer and natural and anti-inflammatory that will help improve the skin barrier and leave your skin looking soft and smooth without clogging pores or leaving skin feeling oily.
  • Skin Rejuvenating Jojoba Oil - A humectant ingredient that attracts water to the skin to keep it hydrated, Jojoba also acts as an antioxidant, controls sebum production, promotes collagen production, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Sea Buckthorn - Repairs skin damage and has wonderful anti-aging properties. It hydrates the skin and promotes the formation of collagen which is essential for youthful skin. 
  • Nourishing Flower Oils –Delivers intense moisture and nourishment to the skin, giving it a vibrant and healthy glow.

Daily use of our miracle serum day and night, provides the following skin benefits:

  • Plump hydrated skin
  • Youthful glowing skin
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softer and smoother skin

Directions for Use: Apply 4-6 drops onto a cleansed and toned skin morning and night. Gently massage unto face and neck. For external use only.

What’s Inside:  Apricot Kernel Oil*, Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Borage Oil*, Passion Fruit Seed Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil*, Turmeric Oil*, Neroli E.O.*, Red Mandarin E.O.*, Helichrysum E.O.*, Vitamin E.

* = Indicates Certified Organic Ingredients


(1 oz/ 30 ml)


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